… not sure if I´ll keep on in English now, but for today, I will.

Reason is that the pages and websites I am following are all in English. Such, if I will meet people online now, they couldn´t read my German posts, about my thoughts, my projects, my progress, my worries. Not a good idea when getting connected with new people in my life now. Especially as I love foreign languages and am using English and Spanish every single day. Lately some French too as I want to get a job in France for a project now. After that it will be Russian.

Blogging in German (to get a community at home) has been difficult for me anyway. I do it with my new travel blog as I want to make money with it, which I read was better if I write in German.

I am not planning to do a multilanguage site and translate my posts. So instead, I will just categorize them by the language and the reader can choose.

I might translate some of my previous posts though and add the translation on the bottom. If I feel the message is important for me to send out.

Switching to English

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